Bait Packages

Bait - To ensure our Carp are kept in pristine condition, we only sell bait of the highest nutritional value.

Boilies - We offer two custom-made 18mm fresh freezer boilies for anglers to choose from. Using only the purest and most attractive ingredients possible, including fresh eggs to ensure high nutrition and product freshness.

  • Coconut Cream - The P1 base mix is a great all year-round bait. Nut and milk protein based, gets fast results and still packing high nutrition.
  • Pineapple ‘n’ Butyric – The P2 base mix is packed full of Robin Red, PTX, Clo and fish meal. High in nutrition and overall a very open texture, helping to release attractors on your spots.

Boilies - Available in 5kg bags at €12.00 per/kg

Carpet Feed

Our very own structured blend of pellet/particle mix.

With a ratio calculated to offer high nutrition as well as maintaining water quality, this mix of high-performance pellet, mixture of 4 steamed & flaked cereals and flaked garlic offers the carp an all-year-round irresistible spread.

No preparation required, just wet with lake water or your own choice of liquids/glugs and away you go. For best results add whole, chopped or boilie crumb over the top to keep the carp on your spots for longer.

Carpet Feed – Available in 5kg buckets at €3.00 per/kg

NB: Only our own Fresh Freezer Boilies and Carpet Feed shall be used. You are welcome to bring your own selection of popups, wafters and hardened hookers. No nuts or particles allowed other than the Carpet Feed mixed supplied by Les Deux Lacs.

Tackle Packages
coconut cream

Coconut Cream 18mm

The P1 Base Mix
Nut and Milk

pineapple ‘n’ butyric

Pineapple ‘n’ Butyric 18mm

The P2 Base Mix
Fish Meal

carpet feed

Carpet Feed

Pellet/ Particle Mix
Available in 5kg Buckets